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Which company is good for ipex connector production?


Which company is good for ipex connector production? The external dimensions of the connector can be customized according to their own needs. The internal structure is industry standard. At present, the effects made by many domestic manufacturers are almost the same! So how do you choose the right supplier for you in so many manufacturers?

The first is to look at their own needs. First of all, the manufacturers must be able to meet their own discerning customization requirements;

The second is to look at the scale, after meeting the customization requirements, if the scale is too small, the annual output can not keep up;

The third is to see the delivery date. The delivery period determines the return time and even the length of the profit. Therefore, in the case of ensuring the quality, of course, the sooner the better;

The fourth is to look at the service level. Although it ranks fourth, it is very important. Because in the case of a large number of purchases, if there is an error, how to solve it, whether the docking service can satisfy oneself, the final production may not only be Only ipex connectors, there is a lot of other connector market space! Therefore, factory service is also a very important indicator!

And our Shenzhen Twinlink RF connector company, the product passed 3 quality inspections, the excellent rate of 99.99%! With a delivery time of 10-14 days, it is a connector manufacturer with a capacity of tens of millions of annual capacity. With 11 years of experience in manufacturing RF connectors, it has more than 10 patents and has many advanced experiments such as electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance. Room, 1V1 private 24-hour docking service.

If you are still worried about choosing an ipex connector company, you may wish to give yourself a chance to get a 24-hour customer service online!

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