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General terminology for radio frequency coaxial connectors


1: a detachable component (except a commutator) that is normally attached to a cable or device and is electrically connected to a transmission line system.

2 、 RF connector: it is used in the radio frequency range of connectors.

3, the video frequency range between 3HZ to 30MHZ radio.

4, the RF frequency range between 3 thousand HZ ~ 3000GHZ radio.

5, high frequency: the frequency range between 3MHZ to 30MHZ radio.

6 coaxial: internal conductor with dielectric support, the structure can be measured in the frequency range, to obtain the smallest internal reflection coefficient.

7, triaxial transmission line consisting of three concentric conductor by having a common axis and the mutual insulating.

8 grades: connectors in terms of mechanical and electrical precision, especially in terms of specified reflectance coefficients.

9, general purpose connector (Level 2): a connector that uses the widest allowance for dimensional tolerances (tolerances) but still guarantees minimal performance and compatibility.

Note: the requirements of the reflectance coefficient can be specified or not specified.

10, high performance connector (Level 1): according to the frequency change to provide a connector reflection coefficient of limit value, usually specified tolerances than the corresponding 2 connector strictly, but the need to ensure that meet the requirements of the reflection coefficient of the connector, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to choose strict tolerances.

11 standard test connectors (Class 0): a precise manufacture of specific types of connectors for measuring the reflection coefficients of 1 and 2 stage connectors. The errors resulting from the measurements are negligible.

Note: standard test connectors are usually part of different types of adapters, and adapters are connected to precision connectors to form part of the test equipment.

12, seal

12.1 hermetically sealed connectors: connectors that meet the requirements of specified gas, moisture, or liquid tightness.

12.2 barrier seal: prevents the passage of gas, moisture, or liquid into the inside of the connector housing along the axial direction.

12.3 Panel Seal: prevents gas, moisture, or liquid from entering through a mounting hole into a stationary or commutator housing and seals between the panels.

Note: seals are usually supplied as separate products.

12.4 insert seal: prevents gas, moisture, or liquid from entering the seal at the interface of a pair of plug-in connectors.

12.5 gas seal: to meet IEC60068-2-17 "basic environmental test procedures second parts: Test - Test Q: Seal" test Qk requirements of the seal.

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