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Detailed introduction to BNC connector features [Twinlink]


 The BNC connector is a very common RF terminal coaxial cable terminator. It consists of a center pin, a jacket and a card holder. It consists of a base, a jacket and a probe. The BNC connector is very similar to the B and C terminals. A threaded connector TNC (Threaded Neill-Concelman) has better performance in the microwave band than BNC.

BNC connector

The BNC connector is available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions. When a 50 ohm connector is connected to other impedance cables, there is less chance of transmission errors. Different versions of the connectors are compatible with each other, but if the cable impedance is different, the signal may be reflected. Usually BNC connectors can be used at 4GHz or 2GHz. The 75 ohm connector is used for video and DS3 connections to the telephone company's central office, while the 50 ohm connector is used for data and RF transmission. A 50 ohm plug that is incorrectly connected to a 75 ohm socket may damage the socket. A 75 ohm connector is used in VHF applications.

BNC connector

Used for the transmission of radio frequency signals, including the transmission of analog or digital video signals, the connection of amateur radio antennas, the connection of avionics and other electronic test equipment. In the consumer electronics arena, the
BNC connector for video signal transmission has been replaced by the RCA terminal. With a simple adapter, the RCA terminal can be used on devices with only BNC connectors. The BNC terminal has been widely used in 10base2 Ethernet. Since the coaxial cable is replaced by a twisted pair cable, it is difficult to see the network card with the BNC terminal. Some ARCNET networks make the BNC terminal terminated by a coaxial cable.

BNC connector

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