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Reviewing the 5G UAV Application White Paperissued by China Unicom Institute on September 28, 2018, the white paper proposes the overall solution of 5G network UAV, and the 5G network capability has met the application scenarios of most UAVs. Communication requirements. Whether the drone can be of high quality, the anti-jamming and stability of the communication connection will become an important link, then it is particularly important to find a manufacturer of RF connectors with professional cutting-edge research and development!

In the white paper, the terminal communication capabilities of the networked UAVs are summarized. The future airborne terminals are classified into ABC three categories to meet the needs of different industry application scenarios:

Class A: Safe flight

Class B: UAV remote over-the-horizon real-time control + secure flight

Ç class: large bandwidth, intelligent analysis

Please take a look at the above-mentioned ABC three types of drones. "Safety protection" is mentioned twice. It shows the importance of safety and stability. How to ensure the safe flight of drones? R&D engineer Mr.Luo who worked in Twinlink for 10 years proposed that under the premise of ensuring the overall quality of the drone, the communication transmission speed is fast, stable and strong, and the anti-interference is strong. The RF connector ensures the continuity of the bridge between the antenna and the unmanned body. And minimize the loss of signal.

In the case of the actual Twinlink drone (as shown below), the customer is from Buji, Shenzhen, a professional manufacturer of drones. In the customer consulted in November 2018, the sample has passed and is now in mass production. Between the customer and the Twinlink signed an agreement, several RF connector manufacturers were found, but they did not pass the test of their new drones. There are three important factors, namely standing wave, insertion loss and anti-interference.

As long as anyone familiar with the connector knows that the connector is mainly divided into a main body and an inner conductor, in simple terms, the inner conductor is responsible for the transmission of signals, and the main body functions as anti-interference and protection. It is a simple structure, but the gap between RF connector manufacturers is very large. Twinlink is a professional manufacturer of high-end RF connectors for 12 years. It integrates design, development, production and sales, and has a first-class design and engineering team. It is a technology-based manufacturing company with technology as the leading core. Your satisfaction is the driving force of Twinlink.

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