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2.92 connector customization for Baidu customers


Xiaotian is producing a high-performance, low-loss test cable for Baidu. The precision fabrication of the 2.92 connector achieves excellent electrical performance of 40 GHz, and the 2.92 connector female contacts feature a unique three-slot configuration that enhances connection reliability by building a more rugged connector. It also reduces the possibility of connection interruptions, precision assembly tools ensure excellent, repeatable contact, and connector plugs that support magnetic bead position mating to MIL-STD-348 compliant connectors on cable 2.92 connectors The connector voltage standing wave ratio is 1.20 (maximum) at 40 GHz, and the voltage standing wave ratio of the 12-inch SMK plug-to-plug cable assembly is better than 1.35 (to 40 GHz)

Twinlink engineers also have a field-replaceable jack with a high-quality sealed straight-through piece for sealed circuit modules.

The 2.92 mm plug interface uses a more precise size than the SMA and uses a shorter nose pin, which allows the connector base to be aligned before it comes into contact. Baidu has given a good review and Tiankele will continue its professional service. In the field of radio frequency.

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. In the field of radio frequency, it is of high quality and quality. If you have any questions about the 2.92 connector, please visit the information engineer of the Twinlink website.

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