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MMCX right angle male connector to RG178 cable

MMCX right angle male connector to RG178 cable

Description:The MMCX RF connector was developed in 1990 as a radio frequency coaxial connector designed with a snap lock structure and having a smaller size than the MCX connector. The design of this structure allows the user to quickly connect and disconnect the MMCX RF connector in a limited space. The MMCX RF connector has a 50 ohm impedance and is typically used at frequencies below 6 GHz. The MMCX bite structure allows the MMCX connector to rotate 360 degrees. MMCX RF connectors are used in many different applications, such as GPS positioning, GSM cellular telephone networks, WiFi wireless networks or WLAN devices.
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Product Details

MMCX RF Connector:

1. VSWR < 1.2 @ 0-6ghz

2. BODY:  brass  gold plated

3. PIN: beryllium copper plated gold

4. Corrosion resistance: more than 168 hoursof neutral salt spray test

5. Environment: -55 ℃to 125 ℃


The above indicators are only general reference. Actually, Tiankele Company will have different indicators due to different application environments.

 The MMCX RF connector is a conventional custom product from Skyco. If you can't find the right connector or cable online, we can customize the design for your requirements. Therefore, in various RF connectors

In assembly, we provide OEM and ODM services, and are very popular for mass customized RF coaxial connectors and cables, and provide you with integrated solutions.

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