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HD01S-6 On/off control

HD01S-6 On/off control

Description:The HD01S-6 is an active motion sensor that emits high-frequency waves (5.8GHz±75MHz). The sensor that installs in a fixture detects the change in the echo return, and is sensitive to movement in its detection area,adding energy saving lighting control in each fixture location.Also, it holds lights off when sufficient daylight is present. The HD01S-6 is designed to be used in a device or system and must not be operated without appropriate protective covering. HF sensors detect motion through many materials, including panes of glass or through the lens of a fixture, enabling the sensor to be hidden from view.
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Product Details

Detailed Product Description


1. Automatic On/off control with Daylight sensor
2. Simple and accurate setting via DIP switch
3. Compact sized particularly suitable for Ceiling lights or Bulkhead
4. Integrated test mode
5. Sensitive and reliable
6. Zero crossing relay
7. Loop in and loop out for easy installation
8. 5 year limited warranty


The HD01S-6 HF motion sensor can be used to directly control the connected light, or other loads, by sensing the presence and movements of
the occupant without requiring unobstructed line-of-sight. It perfectly can be mounted inside of an enclosed lighting fixture for beautiful and
elegant fixture design, and also makes the sensor suitable for applications such as an open office with partitions, a library reading area with
cubicles, a restroom with stalls,etc.

Technical Data

  • Voltage: 220 – 240V/AC

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Working temperature: -15°C to 70°C

  • Load: Resistive Max: 800W Capacitive Max: 400W

  • Detection Range: 2 – 10m

  • Detection Angle: 360°

  • Light level: 2 – 50LUX

  • Time setting: 5 seconds – 15minutes

  • Installation height: 1 – 6m

  • Motion Sensor HF system: 5.8GHz±75MHz CW radar, ISM band

    Motion Sensor transmission power: <0.2mW RF power

    Dimensions: 65mm* (L) x 36.6mm (W) x 23 mm(H) (* includes mounting foot – total length 80.2mm)

5 years warranty

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