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HD03VRH DC12V High altitude installation Motion Sensor

HD03VRH DC12V High altitude installation Motion Sensor

Description:The HD03VRH is an active motion sensor that emits high-frequency waves (5.8GHz±75MHz). The sensor that installs in a fixture detects the change in the echo return, and is sensitive to movement in its detection area,adding energy saving lighting control in each fixture location.Also, it holds lights off when sufficient daylight is present. The HD03VRH is designed to be used in a device or system and must not be operated without appropriate protective covering. HF sensors detect motion through many materials, including panes of glass or through the lens of a fixture, enabling the sensor to be hidden from view.
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Characteristics of microwave motion sensor:

microwave sensor is commonly known as radar sensor, and the doppler effect is applied.The microwave sensor of planar antenna independently developed by our company has the ability to independently detect the movement of objects and use this motion signal to control the light switch or dimming.At the same time, the product is equipped with the light control function, which can control whether the lamp is turned on or off according to the ambient light intensity to achieve the energy saving effect.Our microwave sensor product is numerous, adaptation various types of lamps and lanterns, simple structure, convenient installation, convenient to use and intelligent, and set with induction sensitivity, delay time, waiting time, waiting for brightness, light valve value and other optional code set pull function.

Microwave sensor compared with infrared sensor, microwave sensor has the following advantages:

1. Capable of penetrating power, such as glass, wood, acrylic plate, plastic and other non-metallic objects,

2. The hidden installation is installed in the interior of non-body lamps, making the appearance of the lamps and lanterns more concise and the packaging more convenient.

3. The performance is stable, and the microwave sensor is not affected by environment, temperature, sound and dust, thus the reliability is higher.

4. The microwave sensor can be used for installation of lamps with a height of 3 meters to 6 meters.

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