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Standards and specific tests and validation

Day Konami established specifically for the analysis of the laboratory design verification, incoming inspection, production process monitoring and fault. Laboratory equipment has a full range of laboratory and test equipment, testing capabilities including mechanical, electrical and environmental functions and reliability testing of all products. The laboratory also provides training to functional departments and customers. The main test items are:

Electrical test:

- Cable comprehensive test (test standard EIA-364-06 / EIA-364-21 / EIA-364-20)

- contact resistance test (test standard IEC512-2 / EIA364-06)

- insulation resistance test (test standard IEC512-3-1 / EIA-364-21)

- withstand voltage test (test standard EIA-364-20 / IEC-512-14-1)

- three level intermodulation testing (test standard IEC62037 intermodulation (PIM) test)

- characteristic impedance / internal offset / attenuation test (test standard EIA-364-108 / EIA-364-103)

- VSWR / insertion loss test (test standard SJ 2331-1983 / SJ 2474-1984)

Mechanical test:

- Visual precision inspection (CCD, magnifying glass, microscope, etc.)

Dimensional measurements (2D, 3D)

- Rockwell hardness test (test standard ASTM, E-18 / ISO6508)

Permeability test (test standard ASTM 342)

- coating thickness testing (test standard ASTM B568 / DIN ENISO 3497)

- plug force test (test standard EIA364-13)

- retention test

Environmental and reliability test:

- Cable kinked pendulum test (test standard GB / T 2423.31-1985)

Plug - in fatigue test (test standard IEC512-9-1 / EIA364-09)

- RoHS testing (test standard IEC 62321:2008)

- tightness (water / air) test (test standard, IEC-68-2-17 test)

Ageing test

- salt spray test root (test standard IEC-68-2-11)

- high temperature test (test standard IEC-68-2-2)

- low temperature test (test standard IEC-68-2-1)

- high and low temperature cycle test (test standard IEC-68-2-14)

- relative humidity (test standard IEC512-11-3 / IEC68-2-3)

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